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Tyrannosaurus Rex

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Tyrannosaurus Rex is probably the most recognizable dinosaur around. More than 50 specimens have been identified. Several examples have been identified as juvenile Tyrannosaurus. This has given scientists the ability to document physical changes in T.Rex, like estimating its lifespan, and determining how quickly the Tyrannosaurus would have grown. The smallest known individual known as the "Jordan theropod" is estimated to have weighed only 66 pounds / 30 kg and was only 2 years old when it died. On the other end, the largest specimen "Sue" weighed over 11,900 pounds / 5,400 kg and was most likely around 28 years old at the time of her death.

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And speaking of lasting legacies, it's with open arms that we welcome back one of the most coveted of Battat models and arguably the best Tyrannosaurus ever molded in plastic; the Battat T. rex, now with Dan's new paint scheme and a place as king in the Battat Terra line. In fact, when our community voted in a poll for the "Top 10 Tyrannosaurus Toys" it was the Battat that took first place, and deservedly so! Even though this model is pushing 20 years old, it's still everything you would want from an accurate, museum quality model.

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