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Amargasaurus Cazaui

3 years +

Amargasaurus was small for a sauropod, and its neck was also proportionally short as far as sauropod standards go. The feature that makes Amargasaurus stand out from other sauropods are the extremely tall, upward projecting spines on the neck. These neural spines were forked along their length, forming a double row. It had a broad snout equipped with pencil-like teeth. There are a variety of ideas about the function, as well as, the possibility of sails between the spines, including defense, communication (for mating purposes or for simple species recognition), or temperature regulation. Though recent thinking tends to think the spines had no skin in between.

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As with all Battat Terra dinosaurs, the detailing on this one is nothing short of excellent. The skin has a wrinkled texture and the musculature in the neck and limbs has been well defined. The loose folds of skin around the belly add the appearance of heft to the toy. Finally, the signature twin rows of spines have been meticulously sculpted.

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