Oleleshwa, Kenya

Oleleshwa, Kenya


The school opened in January 2013 to the first cohort of students. We have constructed 5 Classrooms, a kitchen, a dining hall, two teachers' accommodations, a student dorm, and a computer lab (that also functions as a library). There are currently 112 students. 

The new term began in May with many eager students! Students were placed into academic groups to help encourage studying and provide random testing to help identify areas of growth. Each quarter, Oleleshwa educators recognize and celebrate the most improved studentsÔÇöthis summer a student in grade 9 and a student in grade 10 were rewarded for their successes.


The drilling of the borehole has benefited the school significantly, allowing for access to clean water that can be used in drinking, cooking, and cleaning. The piping to the school is regularly maintained by experts from neighbouring communities, ensuring sustainable access to clean water and better health outcomes.


Students continue to learn and benefit from activities on food security and many community members are now attending specialized training and workshops as well. Agriculture and food security remain a particular area of focus at Oleleshwa and a passion project within the student body.