Ngosuani, Kenya

Ngosuani, Kenya

Ngosuani Primary School is a government school built before Free the Children's WE Villages began working in the community.


Battat has supported 8 classrooms at Ngosuani Primary School. The 8th classroom and a school kitchen has been completed in July 2016. The community is incredibly proud of ongoing education achievements among their children. Students in grades 7 and 8 participated in class testing and emerged with some of the highest test scores in the region. Parents in the community are supporting a new dormitory to ensure that students spend less time getting to and from school.


The school has benefited greatly from Battat's support of clean water and sanitation, receiving clean water piped directly into the school compound and having access to 6 latrines and 1 hand-washing station. The community has a nominated Water Management Committee to oversee and maintain the water systems.


In the last quarter, every student received deworming treatment and health teams reviewed the school environment at Ngosuani Primary School to ensure the school provides a safe and healthy learning environment. Students and community members benefited from training on personal hygiene and the prevention of transferable infections.


Ngosuani's alternative income programming continues to grow! There are currently four groups in total with a total of 60 participants: one women's group, one men's group, one youth group, and one Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA). All groups are actively engaged and continuing to expand their programs!


The school's demonstration garden continues to provide healthy food for the School Feeding Program, which has helped to improve students' concentration and attendance numbers at the primary school while continuing to engage students and families.